Wellness of Life Providers

Angela L. Harris, Colon Hydrotherapy - Founder

Angela is a national board certified colon hydrotherapist and instructor, practicing in holistic and integrative healthcare field for more than 15 years. She passionately believes in educating patients to help them adapt appropriate lifestyle changes that prevent internal and external stressors from affecting their whole body health.

Her passion began in college when working at an integrative holistic medical and dental clinic. Through this experience, Angela was given the opportunity to attend the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, where she became certified in Environmental Medicine specializing in food and chemical sensitivities along with environmental inhalant allergies.

She implements cleansing, detox, and/or nutritional and dietary counseling into each of her visits to transform her clients’ current healthcare into whole-body wellness.

Angela enjoys expanding her knowledge and expertise by staying up-to-date with the latest research and continuing her education. She loves reaching out to the community and establishing professional, long-term relationships that will help guide her clients on their journey to wellness.

Edgar A. Guess Jr., M.D., FACOG - Medical Director

Dr. Guess had post graduate work at Harvard Medical College and Meadowbrook/Stoney Brook Long Island N.Y. He is now retired from OB-GYN and Gyn Oncology. He holds professorship at USC and sits on University Boards.